More people choose franchise as their way of owning a business. In reality, franchising is the leading growing method of doing business. The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that franchise revenues amounted to almost $1 trillion in 2010.

Franchise Power Currently, more than 41 per cent of all retail businesses in the world are franchised and it is projected to be 50 per cent in the next decade. Power of Franchise Approximately 950 000 franchised locations operate, employing more than 11 000 000 people.

Why do people choose a franchise? Because it provides proven operational methods that allow the franchisee to draw on the experience and expertise of a well-established company. This can ensure your peace of mind when you start and run your own business.

Various studies show that approximately 80 percent of all small enterprises fail within five years and 47 percent of enterprises fail within the first year. Yet more than 90% of all franchises are successful!Β 

On the basis of these figures, the U.S. The Department of Commerce found that franchising “provides a large increase in the likelihood of success on the part of a small business person-provides a degree of flexibility and protection that is not available under other marketing schemes.”

Since Franchising provides a model for running an established company, it is growing rapidly. Sales from franchised outlets are continuing to increase.

You now have the opportunity to become part of our franchise development-and own your own Jijau franchise.

What’s going on with the Jijau franchise? It’s your initiative. Your own tools. It’s your hard work. Your dedication to it. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit. Your ability to monitor your future. It’s the need for freedom. Your love for children.

Combine these values with our experience, skills, products and strategies and our unique franchising opportunity, and together we will enjoy a mutually rewarding business relationship.