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The word Dermatoglyphics is derived from an ancient Greek word i.e. ‘Derma’ means skin and ‘glyphics’ mean ridges. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a scientific study of the patterns of fingerprints. This will help to understand the ability and characteristics of an individual.

Dermatoglyphics helps an individual to know the various areas like Behavioural trait, Multiple Intelligences, Quotients, Learning style, Thinking Style, Brain Dominance. Every individual has a unique ability but often are ignored. It helps you to know your inborn potential and remedies to overcome the weaknesses. In fact, D. M. I. T. helps you to enhance your personality.

An individual can find out followings:
a. Why are the children not focusing on their studies?
b. Why are Parents unable to understand their children?
c. Why are individuals are unable to make relationships with everyone?
d. Where is an individual lacking in their business to earn a profit?

D. M. I. T. make you aware of your following areas:
a. An individual’s basic behavior trait
b. An individual is able to know the strength and weaknesses of Multiple intelligence.
c. It is easy to understand to know an Individuals learning pattern which is a helpful study.
d. It helps an individual to understand his acquiring methods i.e. Cognitive, Affective, Critical or Reflective.
e. It helps to choose a perfect career or switch to the best job.
f. It helps to enhance the relationship between life partners, family members, and even Business Partners.

a. An individual
b. A child
c. Parents
d. Students
e. Teachers
f. Businesspersons


a. Pregnant Mother and her Family
b. Infant’s Parents
c. Teenager’s Family
d. If you have son or daughter between 21 to 30 years old.
e. Grandparents
f. Teachers
g. Baby Sitter

Parents will get to know the basic mental needs of child.
How to fulfill the basic mental needs of child?
How does it impact on child’s self-esteem?

First of all in todays era kids are more into Mobile. So, a Big YES.
Junk food is favorite, then YES.

YES. Your kid’s reaction will change with your new actions.
We don’t want you worry about aggressive, disrespectful kids.

0 to 10 years old kid’s Parent MUST go for Parenting.
11 to 20 years teenager’s Parent Should go for Parenting to lessen the bad environmental effect on them.
21 to 30 years adult’s Parent ought to do Parenting to help them to take a wise decision in life.

Reboot Refresh Restart

A family where a kid wants to improve academic score, a Father who wants to work efficiently outside & achieve Family Goals, a Mother who wants to wok stress free outside & loveable inside the home.

Yes, we have internal & external blocks in our mind, Though this program one can change the belief system to overcome fears.

Once you clear your blockages & change your belief system it helps you to defeat health barriers.

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